Snow day!

Observe, if you will, the view from my front door (taken as I was contemplating going to work). I decided that working from home was by far the safer and warmer option. The only problem is we’re running very low on supplies. However, fear not. It is for days like this that God invented the freezer and it is on days like this that I’m grateful that I’ve previously had the presence of mind to bulk cook and freeze some basics. So, on tonight’s menu: home-made Chilli Con Carne.

I’ve always observed that chilli is actually much better after it’s had time to marinate, so hopefully tonight’s defrosted version will actually be tastier than the original. I’ll leave the recipe until another time; it just doesn’t feel right giving you a recipe for something I’ve defrosted and warmed on my stove. It’s a good’un though. Full of spices, fresh chilli and a splash of coffee, strange as that sounds. I’ll post it soon.

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