Hove Champagne Festival

Champagne is one of my favourite things. So you can imagine my delight that Hove is hosting a celebratory festival in which I can revel and practically bathe in my favourite drink. So, this is just a quick note to draw your attention to the Hove Champagne Festival that is taking place next weekend (4-5th June) on Hove lawns. All kinds of lovely things will be happening there, including tutored tasting sessions and live music. And in addition to the 50 or so different champagnes available to sample and buy, some of my favourite Brighton restaurants will be in residence to ensure that we don’t drink ourselves into oblivion.

Them be:

  • Riddle & Finns (whom I love, love, love)
  • Sam’s of Brighton, and
  • Seven Dials.


Even more awesome is the fact that the lovely Graphic Foodie has managed to secure you all a discount through her website. So go here and get the code. Tickets start at £12 (before the discount).

See you there I hope. I’ll be the one grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear. Did I mention, I love Champagne.


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