Something in the oven…

You may have noticed that things have been unusually slow on my blog of late. Well, I am sorry to have been so crap; but you see, I’ve had something else in the oven.

The wee mite has been tiring me out something rotten… however, hopefully normal service will return soon.


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12 responses to “Something in the oven…

  1. Gary

    Marvellous! Congratulations.

  2. Awesome! This also explains the non-drinking no?

  3. Wozers! That is so exciting! Congratulations… this means you get to eat for TWO right? x

  4. I hope you’ve got your minions knitting already ;P

  5. Thanks everyone! We’re so happy and excited. :)))

  6. Congratulations, look forward to reading about which food and dinners you start craving.

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