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Monogram pumpkins and a seedy snack

I love Brighton. Whilst in the rest of the country, Halloween means hiding in darkened rooms from pikey kids “trick or treating”, where the options are money or egging, in Brighton we get the Zombie Walk and White Night. What’s not to love about watching hundreds of (I assume) students dressed to the nines in zombie gear, fake blood dripping from their mouths, moaning and stumbling down the Brighton streets. Brilliant and totes Brighton!

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F&G on TV: Me doing my best Saturday Kitchen impersonation

A few weeks ago contacted me to ask if I would mind helping them out with some front of camera interviewing work. My initial reaction was “hells no” for a number of reasons: 1) I had never done anything like that and just… the horror, 2) I was 12 weeks pregnant and not exactly feeling camera-ready, 3) I hate hearing my voice (outside of my head) so I imagined that the cringiness would be multiplied exponentially when my face was included, and 4) there was a strong possibility of me making a total dick of myself. So, taking all of these very worthy objections into account I was resolved to say “no thank you very much”. Then my husband made me feel silly and out of confusion and embarrassment I found myself saying “yes”.

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Foraging with my Daddy

When I was little the Waldron family (that’s us) used to go on extremely long walks in the countryside. With my dad at the lead, ordinance survey map in hand, we would head out from whatever youth hostel we were sojourning in and walk for hours and hours in what was purported to be a circular route. We were quite a sight to be seen. Three small children in walking boots, walking socks pulled up around our knees (jeans tucked in of course), woolly hats and ruddy little faces skipping along quite merrily on 15 mile hikes (I may be exaggerating slightly). On these walks there were always three books in the trusty rucksack: birds and wildlife, flowers and plants, and fungi.

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Jamie’s spinach and feta filo pie

You know sometimes you look at something in a cook book which looks delicious but you know that if you recreated it at home it would look nothing like the pretty picture in the book? Well when I saw the spinach and feta filo pie in Jamie Oliver’s new book I thought exactly that. But lo and behold, I cooked it and it looked exactly like the carefully styled picture in the book. And it tasted damned good too.

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A spicy breakfast treat: Breakfast burrito

Whilst I was on my recent pregnancy-enduced spice kick my body demanded chilli pretty much wherever it could get it (I know you know this, but it dominated my diet for a good while so it’s natural it will crop up in this here diary of my kitchen, innit?). After some serious consideration I realised that the only way I could reasonably wrangle chilli in pre-midday was to dish up a spicy breakfast burrito. This I did. A good many times. The below recipe is the product of my furtive chilli endeavours.

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