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F&G Eats Sussex: The Curlew, Bodiam

Very occasionally, if you’re very very lucky, you go for a meal that is so special that you forget all your cynicism and critiquing (not that I’m particularly predisposed to either, rarely eating out and even more rarely reviewing restaurants) and just sit back and enjoy the ride. So The Curlew has just won a Michelin star. So what? What is more important is that the food is honest, the staff friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and unpretentious and when you’ve eagerly devoured the final crumby morsels from your last plate, you leave feeling you genuinely may have just had one of the nicest meals of your life.

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Frugal February Giveaway: Douwe Egberts Aromettes and £100 Tesco Vouchers

A strong reviving coffee is a must at so many junctures in life: first thing in the morning, when your eyelids are still stubbornly clinging to sleep; mid-afternoon at the office when the 3pm slump has well and truly set in; and late at night when you’ve got a deadline looming and you just don’t think you’ve got it in you to see. it. through. So anything that makes brewing the crucial cup of energising coffee just as quick and easy as possible is a-ok with me. Tomorrow Douwe Egberts launch their new product, “Aromettes”,  which removes the measuring and spoon from the equation.

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Ideas for a Frugal February: Ultimate Bangers and Mash

It’s winter, I’m feeling poor, so to my mind it’s bangers and mash season. There aren’t many things more British than the humble sossidge served beside a heaping pile of creamy buttery mash. Throw in some onion gravy and you have yourself the plate of kings. In Brighton there’s a great pub that just serves bangers and mash and (as testament to our Great British dedication to this noble dish) a roaring trade it does too. Now, you don’t need to do too much to sausage and mash before you’re in danger of fancifying something that ought to be left well alone.  However,  I hope my ultimate bangers and mash stays the right side of ruined – it certainly always goes down well in my household. How do you do yours?

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Ideas for a frugal February: Chicken 3-ways (roasted, stocked and souped)

Everybody knows that January is a miserably broke affair. A month spent scraping the very dregs of your bank account, pushing the limits of your credit and courting the ever diminishing good grace of your bank manager. However, what is often much forgotten (or much belied), is the similarly barren nature of February. Checking out my bank account this morning I can already see that frugality is going to be the name of the game this month. So, with that in mind, here is my favourite modestly-priced meal for when I want to have a frugal feast (or two) without sacrificing on taste.

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