Frugal February Giveaway: Douwe Egberts Aromettes and £100 Tesco Vouchers

A strong reviving coffee is a must at so many junctures in life: first thing in the morning, when your eyelids are still stubbornly clinging to sleep; mid-afternoon at the office when the 3pm slump has well and truly set in; and late at night when you’ve got a deadline looming and you just don’t think you’ve got it in you to see. it. through. So anything that makes brewing the crucial cup of energising coffee just as quick and easy as possible is a-ok with me. Tomorrow Douwe Egberts launch their new product, “Aromettes”,  which removes the measuring and spoon from the equation.

Aromettes are individually pressed servings of ground coffee, shaped rather cutely into a coffee bean. By compressing ground coffee immediately after roasting, Aromettes lock in the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee. Now for the ease: instead of spooning in your freshly ground coffee, just add 1 Aromette pod per person to your cafetière (or filter machine) and add boiling water. As soon as the Aromettes come into contact with hot water, the fresh taste and aroma is released, giving a cup of coffee that’s quick, easy and yet full of flavour.

As soon as Douwe Egberts sent me their samples of Aromettes I immediately deposited them in my office’s kitchen where they swiftly and gratefully replaced the stale tubs of coffee that we are usually supplied with. They are absolutely perfect for the office kitchen, where the quality of your cuppa can depend wholly on whoever is brewing it (sometimes to disastrous effect). Aromettes take that unpredictability away because each pod is the perfect amount for 1 cup, so whoever’s turn it is manning the kettle you can be confident that you’ll end up with a decent cup every time.

Aromette’s come in two varieties, Smooth (Strength 3) and Intense (Strength 5). They will be available exclusively in Tesco from 14th February 2011.

As part of my Frugal February month I’m giving you the opportunity to win £100 worth of Tesco vouchers courtesy of Douwe Egberts Aromettes, so you can get a week’s shopping completely free. Forget your meagre eats for a few days and indulge in your decadent favourites. Why not? Decadence is after-all the antidote to monotony. Along with the £100 Tescco Vouchers you’ll also win two tubs of Douwe Egberts Aromettes to sample.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below. To put your name in the hat for a second time, follow me on twitter (if you don’t already) and tweet “Win £100 tesco vouchers with @feedetgastro’s #frugalfebruarygiveaway @DouweEgbertsUK”. Drop another comment below to let me know you’ve done it (in case I miss it on twitter). I will draw the winner on Monday 21st February at Midday. The winner will be notified by email (so please make sure you leave your correct email address with your comment, which will only be visible to me). Good luck!

Terms & Conditions: The vouchers are not valid for Tesco Direct. The vouchers and two tins of Douwe Egberts Aromettes will be dispatched within 28 days by Douwe Egberts. There is no cash substitute for the prize. The winner will be selected using an online randomiser. The judge’s decision will be final and absolutely no correspondence will be entered in to. The giveaway is available in the UK only.
UPDATE: the winner has now been picked using an online randomiser. No more entries will be considered. The winner will be notified by email. Thanks!


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24 responses to “Frugal February Giveaway: Douwe Egberts Aromettes and £100 Tesco Vouchers

  1. Oooh, I was sort of sceptical of these until you mentioned how much coffee can vary depending who makes it. I can never actually make coffee the same way twice myself and often end up not liking what I’ve made. These sound like a good way round that. Great tip!

  2. Maria

    This is genius! They look like tiny coffee biscuits!

  3. Mum

    A stroke of genius! I guess it would be insider trading for your Mum to win!

  4. Dad

    I’m always up for coffee!! Well done Becks!

  5. Kirsty Sewell

    Great idea, and less messy.

  6. Kirsty

    1 Pod per person, easy peasy or what.

  7. Tara

    What a good idea – do they do decaff for us preggo types??

  8. Razzzzz

    OOoo, these will be great for all those times I can’t find a clean spoon!

  9. EF

    Looks like a great idea!

  10. Jen

    Such a good idea. Love it. I hate it when coffee granules spin on to the bench, nasty mess.

  11. Jessica Kelly

    In the past I was always a tea person but tea is even more unpredictable outside of my kitchen at home, so its coffee all the way now, plus coffee stops me falling asleep on the tube quite so often!

  12. Athena

    What cute pods they are.

  13. Katharine

    Anything that’s minimal fuss is good with me. Will be giving them a go post pregnancy!

  14. Suzy

    So dinky and cute!

  15. hannah

    i would like to try these out!

  16. Edward

    They look like little coffee biscuits….maybe not..! But would love to try them out.

  17. andy

    Love your blog Becci! ( sadly I don’t think the ‘online randomiser’ can be influenced by flattery)
    Everything you cook looks amazing, so luckily i have your sister to bring a little bit of Waldron wizardry to our Deptford kitchen. The roast chicken she cooked the other night was quite fantastic!
    These coffee ‘biscuits’ look pretty strange, but i would be in no way adverse to trying them out …and the £100 Tesco voucher wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  18. They don’t look like biscuits, they look like those things you put under plant pots to soak up water to drip feed them whilst you’re away!

  19. Jo B

    What a fab idea, you know they are when you wonder why it was not done before. i am terrible in measuring out the coffee so ideal for me. No mess ans stains on the worktop either.

    Lovely review, thanks, please add me to the giveaway.

  20. Erica

    I tweeted for you!

  21. Marie Joseph

    No more excuses of I can’t make coffee, you make it. Everyone can make a nice cup of coffee now – just add a bean.

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