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BOOK REVIEW: British Seasonal Food by Mark Hix

I have literally dozens of cookbooks, and their usual fate is to sit forlornly on the shelf only to be taken down and flicked through once or twice a year when I’m really stuck for an idea (though this should not be revealed to my husband who already suspects this to be the case and is beginning to forbid me to buy any more – horror). There are however a few exceptions; books that are dog-eared and food splattered from constant and varied use. These books are as indispensable to me as my Le Creuset casserole or my favourite knife. And I have a sneaking suspicion that British Seasonal Food by Mark Hix is going to become one of these oft-opened books, always at hand to provide me with some interesting and more importantly seasonal inspiration. In the mere weeks it has been on my shelf it has already been taken down, and even cooked out of, way over its allotted number of times.

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F&G Bitesized: Afternoon tea and a chance to win a night of luxury at The Thistle, Brighton

Now I know things have been rather slow at F&G towers of late, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been cooking and eating as fervently as ever. If you could only see my dizzyingly long “to blog” list your mind would boggle at how such a very pregnant lady could possibly squeeze so much into an already over-capacity tummy. Well, I’m eating for two innit? And eating is easy enough… what is harder is to fight through the brain fog that seems to have descended in these last few weeks. But I’m still thinking about you readers and if I can’t give you my usual sharp wit and banter (ahem!) then the least I can do is to offer you the chance to come and experience my lovely Brighton for yourselves, courtesy of The Thistle in Brighton.

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Pancake {insert day here}: Lemon ricotta pancakes with lemon curd

If I was an organised type of a person I might have posted this recipe prior to last Tuesday so you could actually enjoy it on that long-looked-for annual event, Pancake Tuesday. Well, if I was an organised type of a person I might have even made this on Pancake day itself. But if you haven’t realised by now, I am definitely not an organised type of a person even at the best of times. It turns out that at 8 and 1/2 months pregnant I am a dishevelled and discombobulated mess. As such I didn’t get myself together to make these beauties on Tuesday last (I think I was probably napping at the time), so we ended up having a Pancake Wednesday instead. But, you know what? Pancakes are damn good on any day, so I give you leave to make these on any which day you like. The ricotta along with a hint of lemon zest adds a delicious twist to the American style batter, whilst the smatter of raspberries and very British lemon curd make for the perfect combination.

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