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Change ONE thing: Ethical eggs

I often dither in the supermarket at certain key stations. 1) Eggs. Happy eggs. Free range farm eggs. Organic eggs. Which represents the best value for money and taste, whilst being ethically sound? 2) Loo roll. Comfort is important no matter what anyone says, but considering the sheer disgusting waste it represents, there should be some kind of ethical consideration. That usually means buying recycled. Ouchy. 3) Bread. I’m a bread whore, by which I mean I have zero brand loyalty and pretty much pimp out my bread purchase to whoever is willing to give me a good price. As long as it’s wholemeal for Finn’s cheese and ham sarnies, I’m in. (*of course, we also buy artisan bread from our local bakers, blah, blah, blah). Well, I shall dither no more because One brand has swooped in and brought a killer two-birds-one-stone solution to solve all my dithering needs.

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