Change ONE thing: Ethical eggs

I often dither in the supermarket at certain key stations. 1) Eggs. Happy eggs. Free range farm eggs. Organic eggs. Which represents the best value for money and taste, whilst being ethically sound? 2) Loo roll. Comfort is important no matter what anyone says, but considering the sheer disgusting waste it represents, there should be some kind of ethical consideration. That usually means buying recycled. Ouchy. 3) Bread. I’m a bread whore, by which I mean I have zero brand loyalty and pretty much pimp out my bread purchase to whoever is willing to give me a good price. As long as it’s wholemeal for Finn’s cheese and ham sarnies, I’m in. (*of course, we also buy artisan bread from our local bakers, blah, blah, blah). Well, I shall dither no more because One brand has swooped in and brought a killer two-birds-one-stone solution to solve all my dithering needs.

As most good ideas are, One Difference was born from a conversation amongst friends in the pub. Duncan Goose, and his friends were discussing the fact that (at the time) about 1 billion people did not have access to clean water. Rightly staggered and disgusted with this fact, the friends felt that something should be done. I love it when people who feel something needs to happen, get up and make it happen. I’m in awe of these people. I would love to be one of these people. I am not one of these people. But Duncan Goose is.

Inspired and determined, Duncan set up One Difference to tackle problems around the world with like-for-like products. Naturally, he started selling water to fund water solutions in Africa, then one-by-one he branched out into other products funding solutions to other problems facing the world’s poorest and most at-risk people. It’s pretty clever actually. The loo roll funds sanitation projects, whilst profits from plasters fund ambulance bikes and first-aid kits. Condoms fund life saving HIV projects in developing countries, whilst the Helping Handwash again goes towards hygiene and sanitation projects.

But for me, it’s the eggs and bread projects that really stand out. Whenever you buy a box of eggs (organic free-range eggs by the way), One Difference gives the profits to chicken farming projects in Africa. So, you get lovely tasty, good quality eggs, whilst at the same time helping to fund community egg farming projects in some of the poorest parts of Malawi. This is not just giving people money, but funding start-up businesses to help communities build a better and sustainable future for themselves.

That’s pretty great, isn’t it?

Similarly profits from the newly-launched One Clever Loaf funds start-up bakeries in Africa  to generate income for families as well as providing food for the communities they serve. Awesomeness.

Rather than bang on and on, let me just say this. It is rare that something is cut and dry, but I really believe that this is. By just making one small change, you can help make a big difference in the world’s most poverty stricken places. If you can commit to making One Difference your brand of choice for a least one of your grocery staples, then they can really make that small ripple of a change into a wave of difference in Africa and around the world. Now, if that ain’t a reason to stop dithering then I really don’t know what is.

Also, pretty please you could retweet my tweet to ask Sainsbury’s to start stocking the One Difference range. I love you Sainsbury’s, but it is really a disgrace that you’re not supporting them already. For shame, Sainsbury’s.


Oh, and here’s some pictures from the launch of One Clever Loaf that I attended recently. It was hosted by the really rather lovely Simon Rimmer of Something For the Weekend fame.

Simon showing me how to best deep-fry my Chorizo Scotch Egg.

Dan, The Food Urchin, proudly holding his large spicy ball.

Simon Rimmer putting the finishing touches on his Lamb Tikka with Curried Cauliflower Pancakes.

Me happily getting stuck in to the (amazing) Earl Grey Bread and Butter Pudding with Toffee Sauce.

All recipes can be found here.

Thanks to One Difference for inviting me to the event. Photos were supplied by One Difference.


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3 responses to “Change ONE thing: Ethical eggs

  1. Mum

    You sold it to me! I’ll be on the look-out for it. (A good piece of writing too! :))

  2. As a proud producer of One Good Eggs we’re hugely grateful to you for this brilliant article. Thank you so much, and keep on making a difference. :0)

  3. You can visit the organic farm where the One Good Eggs are laid and meet the One team too, there’s an Open Day in Ditchling on the 29th April.

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