HOT TICKETS: Quickly, go and apply for tickets for Delicious by DS5… like NOW!

Anyone who watches Masterchef will no doubt remember Tim Anderson. He was last year’s Champion (Masterchef 2011) and in my opinion has caused Masterchef a bit of a problem. You see, he was so creative, so talented, so ‘out there’… simply put, so good, that anyone following him just seems a bit, well, meh! Thanks to Tim, and the relative blandness of the contestants, I simply forgot to watch this year’s finals, and although I tried to get cross when my Dad revealed the winner on Facebook before I’d caught up, I didn’t really care. So, aside from to tell you that he ruined, perhaps forever, one of my once favourite TV shows (Thanks Tim!), why am I talking about Tim Anderson?

Well, he’s only bloody doing a pop-up in London in May. Five courses, inspired by the five senses, for £5 (see what they did there?). Bargainous. And proceeds from said fiver goes straight to the well deserving pockets of food charity, FareShare, a charity that redistributes surplus food? Virtuous. And you, yes you, Joe Punter out there, can have the chance to go and pay this paltry £5 for this amazing sensual five course tasting menu from this ruiner of TV shows, Tim Anderson? Practically Communist.

All you have to do is go to the Facebook page and enter the ballot and your name could be picked. Quick, go do it now. There is literally no reason not to.

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One response to “HOT TICKETS: Quickly, go and apply for tickets for Delicious by DS5… like NOW!

  1. Just applied, thanks for the tip! Loved Tim Anderson on Masterchef, would be so amazing to be picked…! (good luck for you too 🙂

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