My week in veggies #1

After long flirting with the idea, this week I finally bit the biscuit and signed up for an Abel & Cole box. Before you say it, don’t. I already feel about as middle class as you could possibly get.

The benefits of a weekly veg box delivery are obvious – lovely organic veggies delivered to your door; being forced to branch out and be creative; plus the lure of the other sundries (fruit, eggs, milk, bread, and even meat) that you can order alongside your green stuff, all ethically produced, with a fair price to the farmer, etc, etc.

My reservations were largely based on the fear that we wouldn’t use everything (being currently inclined to buy what I need on a day-to-day basis), plus the afore-mentoined slight dread of being too-middle-class-for-words. However, when I received an offer in the post for a free Abel & Cole cookbook and my 4th box for free if I signed up, I couldn’t resist (I know, I know, I’m a marketer’s dream). So, I decided to undergo a four-week trial to see how and if I would use all the veggies, and  how creative I could be.

Week one.

Received: Beautiful Romanesco cauliflower; new potatoes; carrots; red onions; salad leaves; curly kale (and eggs and milk).

New potatoes were scrubbed and roasted as an accompaniment to this amazing Nigel Slater steak recipe.

The red onions were caramelised for a red onion, pancetta and Gruyère tart (using the Abel & Cole eggs). We used the mixed leaves to make a simple green salad with French dressing. The perfect bed-fellow for this tart.

The Fibonacci-esque Romanesco cauliflowers were spiced and fried with chorizo to make a kicking side dish.

The carrots (somewhat unimaginatively) were used to make a thick carrot and lentil soup. Perfect autumn lunch fodder.

The curly kale was used for what it was surely created for: to snuggle up alongside a massive portion of cottage pie.

Wastage: Nil.

All in all a good week #1.

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