My week in veggies #2

Flying high after week one of my organic adventure, I was excited to see what would arrive in my second Abel and Cole delivery. So excited in fact that I forgot to take a picture before I unpacked it. Stooopid. I was a little disappointed to see that they sent exactly the same potatoes and carrots again, but then I appreciate that carrots are a staple and most people will find a way to use them every week. This week, in addition to my small veg box, I was sent a free gift of a loaf of wholemeal bread made by the Authentic Bread Company, so that was nice. Who doesn’t love a free gift. (Yes, I’ve ordered a loaf of bread in my next delivery… see, I told you I’m a marketer’s dream).

Week two.

Received: New potatoes (again); carrots (again); broccoli; fennel (yes!); white onions; cavolo nero (and milk).

Free gift: A small loaf of brown bread from the real bread company.


The new potatoes and fennel roasted up right nice in this Italian sausage and fennel one pot wonder.


Half the onions became beauteous crispy onion rings for an epic Friday-night movie feast. Burgers, sweet potato chips and onion rings? Booyah!


The other half were fried until caramelised and used to adorn these dogs.


Carrot and lentil soup, I’m afraid.


The broccoli went into Sven’s favourite chicken stir fry. I usually use tenderstem broccoli, but it works fine with good old garden variety broccs too.


But the discovery of the week has to go to this cavolo nero pesto and tagliatelle, which I adapted from this recipe. It was so amazing, I made it twice in the same week.

Wastage: A few new potatoes.





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3 responses to “My week in veggies #2

  1. sandywaldron

    It all looks yummy! How about carrot salad next week?

  2. cavolo nero pesto is a new one on me but sounds fantastic – will check it out.

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