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A Green & Black’s Christmas

Now that I’m a sleep-deprived-up-at-dawn-don’t-stop-all-day-collapse-at-nine-member-of-the-buggy-brigade I don’t often have the energy to haul my arse up to London on an evening out, but when I received an invitation to Green & Black’s Christmas Supperclub, I knew I had to dust off my glad-rags and get myself there. For one, it’s Green & Black’s and the thought did occur to me that every course might be wholly made up of chocolate (an idea that made my inner child whoop and squeal with delight). Secondly, Green & Black’s events have in the past been fantastic (remember the 15:15 challenge?) and I definitely didn’t want to miss out on another great evening.

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Massive blog fail: A taste of Christmas #3, #4, #5, etc

Can I just apologise for the *massive* blog fail that took place in December. My epic “A taste of Christmas” series fell staggeringly short of my plans and ended up consisting of only two rather un-spectacular posts. To add insult to injury, I really and truely did cook all of the things that I planned to cook, and just failed to actually write them up. So, just so I have something to show for my efforts, here are those “tastes” in pictures:

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A taste of Christmas #2: Two sagey pastas (…and a partridge in a pear tree)

Sage is my favourite Christmas herb. In fact, it’s probably my favourite Christmas flavour. It needn’t be reserved for Christmas at all of course (one of the best uses of sage is gnocchi tossed in sage and butter – perfection), but around Christmastime I always seem to go a little bit sage crazy. This year was no exception and I found myself with an absolute glut of sage to use up (aw, shame). Short on time and energy (due to a rotten cold, which I still have, wail!), I decided to experiment with some sagey pastas to work my way through my sage excess.

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A taste of Christmas #1: Butternut squash, chestnut, sage and pancetta risotto

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. When the 1st of December finally finally rolls around I have reached an unholy level of impatient anticipation. The Christmas playlist has been set up weeks ago on spotify and has been playing on loop ever since. Christmas chutneys and mincemeats are happily maturing in a cupboard. Christmas wish lists have been distributed early to family and presents are beginning to stack up behind the sofa (shush, don’t tell). I’ve been repeating, rain-man-like, the number of days until Christmas daily (and even hourly) until my colleagues’ nerves are in tatters. I am well and truly ready for a month of food and festivities. When we finally reach December my taste buds are at fever pitch level. So, this is when I  break out my favourite festive flavours and earnestly attempt to incorporate them into every meal I cook.

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