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A begrudgingly benevolent bestowment: Cardamom and seville orange marmalade

I’ve never made marmalade before and so didn’t have a tried and tested recipe to pass on (benevolently, but almost begrudgingly as they so often seem to be). Instead I scoured the internet, bringing together the different (and often contrasting) ideas from a whole host of recipes to suit what seemed to me the ideal. You see, I want my marmalade to be deep flavoured and darkly coloured, and yet aesthetically I want it to be clear as crystal with generous slithers of thick-cut skin (but not too thick). Taste-wise I don’t want it to be too sweet as I tend towards the tart (oh err) and I wanted to have a little hint of something else in there too: something hidden and subtle, but different to the other jars that you can pick up at your local supermarket. So I stole a little bit from here, a little from there, the general method from Delia, and some tips from twitter (in particular @terreaterre). The result is a confuddled recipe that I can call my own and benevolently (though somewhat begrudgingly) bestow upon you all. I do hope you enjoy it and feel free to tweak away to match your own tastes and aesthetics.

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Lamb n vin: lamb shank braised in a whole bottle of wine

I’m not really a stew person. I wouldn’t even rest my eye on stew if it was on a menu; I’d skip right past it without it even entering my consciousness. I don’t really know why that is. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t like a hearty and rustic stew. I mean, those two descriptors appear in my index of preferred food styles. They even figure in the remit of my blog, ergo ‘Stew’ and I ought to be the best of friends. So I thought it was time for Stew and me to spend a little time together.

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