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The salad diaries, vol 5 (the end): Panzanella (2 days to Italy)

Well, it’s two days until I go to Italy and the salad diaries must come to an end – as we always knew they would. I’ve really enjoyed navigating this world of tomatoes, capers, herbs, leaves, pulses (and meat!) and I really hope you have too. I also hope that I’ve demonstrated that salad doesn’t have to be boring and it is as versatile as any other genre of cooking. The initial point of this series was to get my body bikini-ready. Well, I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve been overly successful in that stated aim, but the salads along the journey have been their own reward. I finish on the Italian classic, Panzanella, in tribute to my very imminent to departure therewith.

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My chilli brings all the boys to the yard: the chilli challenge


When I innocently tweeted recently that my chilli brings all the boys to the yard, I did not expect the Spanish inquisition. Congratulating myself on the pleasure of taking leftover chilli into work for lunch, my fervour was heightened when a girl in the office kitchen actually commented, whilst drooling, that my leftover chilli “smelt amazing”. I knew it did, but I self-deferrentially and demurely thanked her and went back to my desk to write a gloat-tweet. I had not foreseen that I would be called out on my wild claims.  

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Preserve-ing time and chilli-ing with my sister: chilli chutney

My family has a long tradition of preserving. We’ve got jars of jams, marmalade and chutney from practically every branch of the clan. When we were kids, we would return from my grandmother’s house with bags of plums or gooseberries and my dad would get to making jam. Right now I have my aunt’s blackcurrant jam and my grandmother’s marmalade in the cupboard. It’s just what we do. However, to date my generation has not really got on board the preserving train. This weekend, that changed. For good.

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