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F&G on TV: Me doing my best Saturday Kitchen impersonation

A few weeks ago contacted me to ask if I would mind helping them out with some front of camera interviewing work. My initial reaction was “hells no” for a number of reasons: 1) I had never done anything like that and just… the horror, 2) I was 12 weeks pregnant and not exactly feeling camera-ready, 3) I hate hearing my voice (outside of my head) so I imagined that the cringiness would be multiplied exponentially when my face was included, and 4) there was a strong possibility of me making a total dick of myself. So, taking all of these very worthy objections into account I was resolved to say “no thank you very much”. Then my husband made me feel silly and out of confusion and embarrassment I found myself saying “yes”.

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Love me, love me: Chicken and chorizo stew

Sometimes when you’re having people round for dinner, you find yourself planning an elaborate and expensive menu because you really really want to impress them. What that actually means is that you really really want them to like you. You think if you cook something absolutely mind-blowingingly complicated and sophisticated then your guests minds will be so befuddled and amazed that they will forget all your perceived shortcomings and will simply adore you for the rest of eternity. You even dream that they will forever refer to “that” meal as the benchmark against which all their future meals will have to be measured against.

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Just a quickie: champagne tips

Just a very quick note in follow-up to the Hove Champagne Festival which I fully intended to blog about, but have now run out of that elusive commodity: time. Anyway, I thought it worth passing on that we went to the Waitrose Direct tutored tasting and we really liked both of these sparkling wines, both of which are on offer right at this moment (25% off all sparkling wines at Waitrose Direct until 16th June).

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Lamb n vin: lamb shank braised in a whole bottle of wine

I’m not really a stew person. I wouldn’t even rest my eye on stew if it was on a menu; I’d skip right past it without it even entering my consciousness. I don’t really know why that is. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t like a hearty and rustic stew. I mean, those two descriptors appear in my index of preferred food styles. They even figure in the remit of my blog, ergo ‘Stew’ and I ought to be the best of friends. So I thought it was time for Stew and me to spend a little time together.

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