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No-haste-big-taste curry: Malaysian beef rendang

I’ll hold my hands up right from the start, this doesn’t look like an authentic “rendang”. Firstly, it’s pretty darn wet and doesn’t a bit resemble the other rendangs I’ve seen out there (all of which look marv). And secondly, I fiddled with the recipe a bit. However, I’m going to dub this a “wet rendang” (which is a real thing, I swears it), and press on confidently.

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Craving spice: Malaysian chicken curry

Now that I can finally talk about the fact that I’m up the duff, I can tell you about my craving for spicy foods. For the first month or so of my pregnancy, I could not get enough chilli and heat. It was the inspiration for my burritos, the drive behind a heinous number of Indian and Thai takeaways, and the (no doubt frustrating) impetus for me throwing chilli into absolutely everything I cooked. It was also the motivation for me cooking up my favourite Malaysian curry.

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King prawn and coconut curry

I love curry. I love it, love it, love it. I particularly love Malaysian and Thai curries probably because I have a special weakness for coconut milk. However, I’d never made a curry using fresh coconut. In fact, I had never even opened a coconut before. That was until Friday.

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Friday night korma in memory of our friend Phil

This week our good friend Phil flew off to Australia for a year-long adventure with his lovely girlfriend Charlotte, leaving a rather large hole in a good many lives. Those particularly afflicted will inevitably be my own dear husband, Phil’s best friend Duncan (and his wife Kim), and his brother-in-law, Revs. So, as misery loves company we all decided to get together to console with each other. Of course, the only dish that would do was a curry, so I decided to make a Korma as the mild creamy spiciness would suit all palates. However, in order to satisfy the boys I chucked in some whole mixed chillies for a bit of edge.

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