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Beyond the pier… an evening with the Brighton Food Society

I know it’s been a little slow at F&G recently, but that doesn’t mean that behind the scenes I haven’t been continuing to explore and celebrate food. There is an overwhelming backlog of culinary delights that I would love to shower you with, but there just ain’t time with an active toddler to actually sit my exhausted butt down and blog. Or more accurately, whenever there is time, it is spent prone on the sofa mindlessly staring at the tele-box. And what?

Anyway, a recent gastronomic high I just had to share with you. A couple of weeks ago, as part of the Brighton and Hove Food Festival the Brighton Food Society – of which I’m a founding member – hosted an evening of seaside-based fun, food and frolics for the culinary-enlighted of the Brighton scene. This is the second such event that the BFS has put on, but the first that I have been able to get involved with.

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F&G Bitesized: Afternoon tea and a chance to win a night of luxury at The Thistle, Brighton

Now I know things have been rather slow at F&G towers of late, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been cooking and eating as fervently as ever. If you could only see my dizzyingly long “to blog” list your mind would boggle at how such a very pregnant lady could possibly squeeze so much into an already over-capacity tummy. Well, I’m eating for two innit? And eating is easy enough… what is harder is to fight through the brain fog that seems to have descended in these last few weeks. But I’m still thinking about you readers and if I can’t give you my usual sharp wit and banter (ahem!) then the least I can do is to offer you the chance to come and experience my lovely Brighton for yourselves, courtesy of The Thistle in Brighton.

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F&G Eats Brighton: Bonjour Breakfast (the breakfast that comes to your door)

Everyone loves breakfast in bed; unfortunately I don’t think my husband loves me enough to make one for me. As I recall, I have given him the gift of bed crumbs on numerous occasions, but to my knowledge (though this will doubtlessly be followed by hurt contradictions) Sven has never indulged me with such a luxury. In fact, I’m not sure Sven has even got up before me on a weekend more than say 5 times in 7 years, and thinking about it he certainly has never made me breakfast (leave alone plated it and served it on a tray). I should temper this accusation with the admission that my husband does do all the cleaning, washing up, laundry, hoovering, etc, so I ain’t mad at him, but dammit… I want breakfast in bed just like everyone else.

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Monogram pumpkins and a seedy snack

I love Brighton. Whilst in the rest of the country, Halloween means hiding in darkened rooms from pikey kids “trick or treating”, where the options are money or egging, in Brighton we get the Zombie Walk and White Night. What’s not to love about watching hundreds of (I assume) students dressed to the nines in zombie gear, fake blood dripping from their mouths, moaning and stumbling down the Brighton streets. Brilliant and totes Brighton!

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F&G on TV: Me doing my best Saturday Kitchen impersonation

A few weeks ago Winebox.tv contacted me to ask if I would mind helping them out with some front of camera interviewing work. My initial reaction was “hells no” for a number of reasons: 1) I had never done anything like that and just… the horror, 2) I was 12 weeks pregnant and not exactly feeling camera-ready, 3) I hate hearing my voice (outside of my head) so I imagined that the cringiness would be multiplied exponentially when my face was included, and 4) there was a strong possibility of me making a total dick of myself. So, taking all of these very worthy objections into account I was resolved to say “no thank you very much”. Then my husband made me feel silly and out of confusion and embarrassment I found myself saying “yes”.

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American favourites: Wail, no burritos in Brighton (so I had to make them myself): Carnitas (braised pork) Burritos

Recently I’ve been hankering after burritos. Like I mean I’ve been downright craving them. The problem is, when you want a burrito on the run Brighton doesn’t really throw up any viable options. We have El Taco which certainly does a job in a bind, but the microwave is in full force and the resulting burritos leave a lot to be desired if truth be told. If you want a decent taco on the fly in Brighton I’m afraid you are really shit out of luck.

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A glorious day for Brighton: the opening of La Cave à Fromage

Most days I love my blog. Some days, I’ll be honest, it’s a bit of a time-sucking drag. Then every now and again I have a day that makes me want to jump for joy and give my blog a big fat smack on the lips. Last week I had one of those days. The clouds parted, the angels sang in immaculate chorus, and heaven’s benediction fell upon my head: I had been anointed as “the chosen one”. Thanks to my blog (I love you bloggy blog blog) I was invited to come down to the newly opened Brighton outpost of La Cave à Fromage and have a cheese tasting. If you don’t know, cheese is like the holy grail of food. And I was going to eat it all…       

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