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The Label Project (or how I won a trip to Australia)

Not too long ago I received a mysterious email from a wine brand calling themselves “The Label Project”. The subject line offered a challenge, Do you judge a book by its cover? Intrigued by the invitation to explore how we judge wine, and further compelled by the very distinct possibility of FREE WINE*, I joined up and awaited the promised deliveries. When the first delivery arrived, I could clearly see the envelope contained no wine, not even a sample sized bottle. I was perturbed. However, upon opening it I found a copy of The Hunger Games and a further demand to know whether I judge books by their covers. Having read, nay, devoured and unapologetically adored the Hunger Games trilogy, I didn’t quite know whether to feel proud that ‘no, I did not judge this book by its admittedly pretty shit cover’, or slightly embarrassed that I should have judged better. What were they trying to say? Luckily, a second delivery followed hot upon the heels of this mind-boggler. And this one did have wine, yay!

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