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British BBQ-time: Lamb koftas with pickled onion salad and feta

Over recent years the changing of the clocks has not only heralded the arrival of British Summer Time, but also the ever unexpected though increasingly reliable burst of gorgeous summer-esque weather. The last week or so has been a scorcher, which has led me to crave light and fresh summery dinners of salads and, well, salads to be honest. It’s been a bit salad heavy up in Feed & Gastro towers, much to Sven’s chagrin probably (never a particularly professed lover of salad). So when I thought Sven was about up to his eyeballs with chicken salad, Greek salad, and cous cous salad, and every other salad under the sun, I thought it was about time to turn to meat.

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Lamb flatbreads on a Tuesday, Nige?

When stuck for meal ideas, one of my favourite ways to find inspiration is to look through Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries. You probably know the book, but if not it does pretty much what it says on the tin: a year in Nigel Slater’s kitchen. The reason I love it is because it’s a month by month and day by day account of seasonal recipes. You can pretty much go to the very day of the month and see what’s good to eat right now.

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Originality be damned: when spring springs, you just want asparagas and lamb

This is one of those situations I have mentioned before where I, in my first year of blogging, reserve the right to do the obvious thing. The fact is when the winter coat goes into the loft and you really feel that spring has sprung, you just want asparagus and lamb. We have been conditioned in Brighton to equate these two ingredients with the resurgence of the sun. After months and months of dreary winter, of hearty stews and warming pies, suddenly one day you will discover you don’t need your scarf and will wish you had put your sunglasses in your handbag. And on that day, on that very day, you will find yourself putting some lamb chops in your basket and checking to see if the British asparagus has timed its arrival to perfection. And when that day comes, I say originality be damned…

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Lamb n vin: lamb shank braised in a whole bottle of wine

I’m not really a stew person. I wouldn’t even rest my eye on stew if it was on a menu; I’d skip right past it without it even entering my consciousness. I don’t really know why that is. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t like a hearty and rustic stew. I mean, those two descriptors appear in my index of preferred food styles. They even figure in the remit of my blog, ergo ‘Stew’ and I ought to be the best of friends. So I thought it was time for Stew and me to spend a little time together.

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