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Moussaka (for weekends only)

There are certain things you simply don’t order in a restaurant because they can never compare to the version you make at home. I have a whole host of Italian dishes for which this is true. Being part Italian, I grew up on my mum’s lasagne (which is without doubt the best in the world) and I refuse to let anyone order lasagne in a restaurant in my presence: “Don’t you dare; I’ll make it for you myself with my mum’s recipe – it will be a thousand times better”. I won’t even order lasagne in Italy. Restaurants just can’t possibly match the quality that is borne from the undivided attention and care you can offer at home. And I think the same could be true for moussaka.

Moussaka is such a homely dish: layers of fried aubergines, potato and spiced mince, topped with thick creamy béchamel sauce. What could be more welcoming for a Wednesday night dinner for our good friend Joe?

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