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Dark chocolate and blackberry muffins


I don’t know about you, but for me the idea of being a mum has always been synonymous with images of angelic flour-splattered children standing on chairs in the kitchen next to an apron-clad serene-looking woman, joyfully stirring cake mixture before licking the spoon. Well, Finn is too young to help out at the moment and I am anything but serene, but I’ve been working on getting my bake-on. For me, mum’s bake. And to date, I’ve been a miserable failure on that front. So, time to rectify…

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Goat’s cheese, rosemary, red onion and sundried tomato savoury muffins

There has been a distinct lack of baking on my blog so far. The reason is I’m simply not an avid baker. Generally I’m all about the savoury and if I’m cooking then it’ll be a big fat meal rather than something sweet or a baked snack. There are a few notable exceptions. One being brownies, which I could happily whip up every day (if I wasn’t concerned about my waistline) and another being my signature dessert, raspberry meringue roulade, which is simply the most perfect dessert in the world. However, as this blog is supposed to encourage me to explore gastronomica in its entirety,  I thought I would stretch my legs in the baking arena. First stop? Muffins.

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