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A slothful chicken pie

I really questioned whether or not to post this. I first cooked it back in October as part of my review of Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals and then didn’t have time to write it up. I had all but resolved that the moment had passed. But then walking home from the office today, as my face started tingling from the cold and my fingers were freezing through my gloves, I knew exactly what the perfect antidote would be and I decided that you all need this recipe for the quickest and easiest chicken and mushroom pie in the world.

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Foraging with my Daddy

When I was little the Waldron family (that’s us) used to go on extremely long walks in the countryside. With my dad at the lead, ordinance survey map in hand, we would head out from whatever youth hostel we were sojourning in and walk for hours and hours in what was purported to be a circular route. We were quite a sight to be seen. Three small children in walking boots, walking socks pulled up around our knees (jeans tucked in of course), woolly hats and ruddy little faces skipping along quite merrily on 15 mile hikes (I may be exaggerating slightly). On these walks there were always three books in the trusty rucksack: birds and wildlife, flowers and plants, and fungi.

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Mushroom risotto (using my homemade stock)


You may remember that I recently made my own chicken stock for the first time. Ever since then the resulting stock has been sitting in my freezer waiting to be utilized. I, the other hand, have been thinking carefully about what I could make; something that would really showcase my first homemade stock. Finally last night I made the absolute perfect dish with it: mushroom risotto.  

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