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The Label Project (or how I won a trip to Australia)

Not too long ago I received a mysterious email from a wine brand calling themselves “The Label Project”. The subject line offered a challenge, Do you judge a book by its cover? Intrigued by the invitation to explore how we judge wine, and further compelled by the very distinct possibility of FREE WINE*, I joined up and awaited the promised deliveries. When the first delivery arrived, I could clearly see the envelope contained no wine, not even a sample sized bottle. I was perturbed. However, upon opening it I found a copy of The Hunger Games and a further demand to know whether I judge books by their covers. Having read, nay, devoured and unapologetically adored the Hunger Games trilogy, I didn’t quite know whether to feel proud that ‘no, I did not judge this book by its admittedly pretty shit cover’, or slightly embarrassed that I should have judged better. What were they trying to say? Luckily, a second delivery followed hot upon the heels of this mind-boggler. And this one did have wine, yay!

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F&G on TV: Me doing my best Saturday Kitchen impersonation

A few weeks ago Winebox.tv contacted me to ask if I would mind helping them out with some front of camera interviewing work. My initial reaction was “hells no” for a number of reasons: 1) I had never done anything like that and just… the horror, 2) I was 12 weeks pregnant and not exactly feeling camera-ready, 3) I hate hearing my voice (outside of my head) so I imagined that the cringiness would be multiplied exponentially when my face was included, and 4) there was a strong possibility of me making a total dick of myself. So, taking all of these very worthy objections into account I was resolved to say “no thank you very much”. Then my husband made me feel silly and out of confusion and embarrassment I found myself saying “yes”.

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Just a quickie: champagne tips

Just a very quick note in follow-up to the Hove Champagne Festival which I fully intended to blog about, but have now run out of that elusive commodity: time. Anyway, I thought it worth passing on that we went to the Waitrose Direct tutored tasting and we really liked both of these sparkling wines, both of which are on offer right at this moment (25% off all sparkling wines at Waitrose Direct until 16th June).

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What to do when you get stranded all alone in Granada

Let me just get this out… I hate being alone. I’m not good in my own company. Never have been. I like to share experiences with other people and I feel kind of awkward eating or drinking by myself. So when I got stranded for a week on my own in Granada I was not as thrilled as I perhaps should have been. In fact, I have to admit that at times I was darn right depressed about it. But so it was, and I knew I had to make the most of it. So I sucked it up and got down to it.

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