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Craving spice: Malaysian chicken curry

Now that I can finally talk about the fact that I’m up the duff, I can tell you about my craving for spicy foods. For the first month or so of my pregnancy, I could not get enough chilli and heat. It was the inspiration for my burritos, the drive behind a heinous number of Indian and Thai takeaways, and the (no doubt frustrating) impetus for me throwing chilli into absolutely everything I cooked. It was also the motivation for me cooking up my favourite Malaysian curry.

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Something in the oven…

You may have noticed that things have been unusually slow on my blog of late. Well, I am sorry to have been so crap; but you see, I’ve had something else in the oven.

The wee mite has been tiring me out something rotten… however, hopefully normal service will return soon.


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American favourites: In-N-Out double double animal style

Huh… It seems in my last two posts and now this one I have unwittingly focussed on my most missed foods from the USA. It really wasn’t knowingly done. One day I had a hankering for burritos, another I wanted blueberry pancakes and then just last week I was dying for the best fast food burger in the world. And it just had to be had. So, due to this unplanned synergy, I’ve decided to retrospectively name these last few posts my ‘American favourites’ series.

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