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The salad diaries, vol 1: Greek Salad (12 days to Italy)

It’s twelve days until I go to Italy. Now being a girl, that translates to: it’s twelve days until I have to squeeze myself into a bikini and reveal my pasty and untoned body to the world. This is not good. No doubt this will result in a lot of huffing and puffing from many readers and I will admit that I am not proud of this reaction to what is unequivocally an exciting and delightful prospect, but it is an honest reaction. And, what’s more, it’s the reaction of a good proportion of the female population. What this boils down to is this fact: I have 12 days to do something practical about this worrying circumstance. Plan of action: gym and salads.

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Hove Champagne Festival

Champagne is one of my favourite things. So you can imagine my delight that Hove is hosting a celebratory festival in which I can revel and practically bathe in my favourite drink. So, this is just a quick note to draw your attention to the Hove Champagne Festival that is taking place next weekend (4-5th June) on Hove lawns. All kinds of lovely things will be happening there, including tutored tasting sessions and live music. And in addition to the 50 or so different champagnes available to sample and buy, some of my favourite Brighton restaurants will be in residence to ensure that we don’t drink ourselves into oblivion.

Them be:

  • Riddle & Finns (whom I love, love, love)
  • Sam’s of Brighton, and
  • Seven Dials.


Even more awesome is the fact that the lovely Graphic Foodie has managed to secure you all a discount through her website. So go here and get the code. Tickets start at £12 (before the discount).

See you there I hope. I’ll be the one grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear. Did I mention, I love Champagne.


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A surprisingly unlazy dinner: Roasted tomato and ricotta risotto

The other day I popped into Tesco (not my usual shop of choice) to pick up something quick for dinner. I had intended to go for something super lazy, perhaps even just opting for a can of baked beans for my jazzed up beans on toast (you’ve got to love baked beans). However, to my delight I noticed that they’ve started selling pick’n’mix tomatoes, which is an absolutely genius idea and one I hope Sainsbury’s will nick. As my husband utterly revels in anything tomatoey, I immediately resolved to abandon the lazy dinner I had planned and make him a special dinner treat of roasted mixed tomato risotto.

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Crossing fingers and toes for gruyere soufflé

Part of the point of this blog is to get me to cook things that I don’t usually, for whatever reason. One such thing is cheese soufflé. Perhaps it’s my of a fear of failure or perhaps it’s because whenever I’ve thought of doing it, I’ve been cooking for friends and it feels like too big a risk: what if they don’t rise? I couldn’t possibly serve deflated soufflés to real people (real people being any one other than Sven or me)! Shocking isn’t it? I recently realised that the reason I don’t experiment too wildly with flavours or mess around with classic recipes is because to me food is all about feeding people (hence the name of the blog). I can’t take the risk that the food I put down on the table might be anything but delicious. I’m stopping slightly shy of saying food is love, but you get the picture.

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My chilli brings all the boys to the yard: the chilli challenge


When I innocently tweeted recently that my chilli brings all the boys to the yard, I did not expect the Spanish inquisition. Congratulating myself on the pleasure of taking leftover chilli into work for lunch, my fervour was heightened when a girl in the office kitchen actually commented, whilst drooling, that my leftover chilli “smelt amazing”. I knew it did, but I self-deferrentially and demurely thanked her and went back to my desk to write a gloat-tweet. I had not foreseen that I would be called out on my wild claims.  

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A childhood memory relived and crab linguine

I know that in many of my posts I have referred to my childhood as an inspiration for the idea or recipe (like when I made chutney or in reference to my mamma’s lasagne), but food to me is all about nostalgia and I personally have been so influenced by my childhood experiences of food. Most of my strongest food memories have involved seafood. One of the very earliest memories I have is winkling on the Dorset coast. My entire family armed with buckets trawling the rock pools for periwinkles, before boiling them up and using a pin to tease the little mantles out and dipping them in vinegar.

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F&G Eats… Residence Pop-Up Restaurant

It’s Brighton Fringe time (yay!) and as part of the festival this year, Brighton has it’s first ever pop-up restaurant. If you’re not sure what a “pop-up restaurant” is then it’s basically a temporary restaurant that “pops-up” for a limited time, causes a bit of a stir, then disappears back into the ether before our short-attention-spans get tired of them. Perfect for our trend-based society, they are throw-away restaurants that can be put up and pulled down, leaving the owners free to start again. They’ve been all the rage in London for a few years now, but Residence is Brighton’s first (as far as I know!).

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